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Cecilia Salvesen has been practicing natural healing techniques for over three decades.

She began her personal journey into natural health in the 1980’s in South Africa due to a diagnosis of Grave’s Disease shortly after the birth of her daughter. Facing a grim future, she began researching solutions to her condition and began making drastic lifestyle changes that were considered radical at the time.

Cecilia’s passion for this new field led her clinical work and, eventually, education. She founded a college for practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine, which she ran with her husband for a decade. During this time she was an instrumental voice in the licensing and regulating process for alternative medicine that was taking place in South Africa. She became well-known in the country for her knowledge and skill.

In 2002 she gave up the college, her practice, and the stability of her life in order to move with her family to the United States. There she rebuilt her practice from nothing to become a go-to natural healer in her new community. She has persisted as a voice of consistent effectiveness in a world of rapidly changing fads and trends.

Today Cecilia is proud to be joined in the practice by her daughter, Juanique, and her son, Conryd. She has built the business into a thriving community staple and accomplished. She has also authored several books on nutrition, illness, and aromatherapy; taught countless courses and workshops on various health topics; served as vice president of the International Conference of Reflexologists; and advised multiple billion-dollar companies. She is a veritable treasure trove of natural health knowledge.

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