Juanique Roney has been practicing massage therapy since 2008, when she discovered she had a natural talent for working with the human body. She initially trained in modalities such as structural integration, sports massage, injury massage, and acupressure, but has increased her repertoire substantially in the years since, which now includes neurostructural massage and vacuflex/meridian therapy

She has worked closely with chiropractors since 2009, which has given her invaluable insight into the body, how to understand what it is telling us, and how to work with it. She has been the proud owner of a thriving massage business in Colorado and Utah since 2011, which can be found online at www.provohealth.com and in real life in Provo, Utah. Although she enjoyed flying to and from Utah and Colorado for her two massage practices, she and her husband have finally settled in Utah once and for all.

Juanique grew up in beautiful South Africa, but has lived in the United States since 2002. Her accent has mostly disappeared since she came, but if you pay attention you will get a glimpse of it every now and then. Just ask her to say "paper."

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