At Provo Health, you aren’t just a list of symptoms. Symptoms give us clues as to what might be going wrong, but we treat the whole body with the intent to heal, not just cover up your symptoms. We do this through our unique, functional healing approaches—from nutrition, to one-of-a-kind, scientific functional testing, to truly unique treatments, and more. We make sure the healthiest version of you leaves empowered by answers and solutions, because we don’t believe in band-aid approaches.  We believe in life-changing answers.

Free 30 Minute Consult

This is when you talk and we listen. But, unlike doctors, we HEAR you and we understand that just because your health issues aren’t understood by doctors, doesn’t mean they aren’t treatable.


The more we know the faster we can help you get better. Our unique nutritional testing methods and functional blood work will reveal the sources of your health issues.


Food is medicine, but it can also be poison. Thus, nutrition is crucial. We will educate and empower you to heal your body through the foods you eat and the water you drink every day, in spite of the challenges of modern living.

Treatment Recommendations

Sometimes food isn’t enough and your body needs “big guns” to accelerate the healing process. At Provo Health, we enable your body to heal and thrive with the fastest, most effective modalities the industry has to offer.

Lifestyle Factors

Did you know stress disrupts the healing process? And lack of sleep severely limits restoration? At Provo Health we provide health answers that address all possible angles, including lifestyle factors.

Ongoing Assessment

Here we follow up with you to make sure that your treatment plan is optimal for you and addressing ongoing needs.




Have you ever experienced the Medical Merry-Go-Round with your doctors in the past where you’ve felt sick, tired, sluggish, not yourself, but after what feels like multiple blood tests all your doctor has to say is, “everything with your blood work looks normal?”



“Normal ranges” in blood work that doctors use are not FUNCTIONAL ranges, meaning even though you may be within normal ranges, they are not optimal ranges for health and wellness. You can experience symptoms of illness and appear “normal” to your doctor.



Below is an example of a clients blood work results who’s doctor told her she was within normal blood work ranges. However, as you will see, according to our analysis, this client was very sick and we could see that.

Solutions for your


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Provo Health is a dream come true for people like me who generally eschew traditional Western Medicine whose main focus seems to be writing prescriptions to sustain big pharma. I like their approach to health care using homeopathic and natural ideologies. Juanique and Tristin have an incredible amount of knowledge and understanding of the human body and the art of healing. They use all natural herbs and essential oils, the quality of which is A-one. The clinic employs state of the art services from Hyperbaric Chambers to an amazing HOCATT detoxifying unit. They also offer a comprehensive Hair DNA analysis which can enable a person to tailor their food consumption to heal any number of health problems. Add to that the Vacuum Reflexology and Massage Therapy and a person need go no where else to maintain optimal health and well being. Note: This is strictly a personal opinion based on my own experience. I am not advocating dumping your medical doctor if you have a health problem that requires one. That’s just not my preference.K. H.
This is my favorite place to go to for everything health. They have the cheapest essential oils that are certified organic and in the purest form. I’ve tried Doterra and Young Living and by far Provo Healths line Honestly Essential are the best and most potent oils. Also the supplements, and treatments are top of the line and **AFFORDABLE** I go into the HOCATT anytime I start to feel my body getting sick or to rid infection, they have the hard shell Oxygen Chamber which is the only one that truly works. They have DNA hair testing to see what your body needs. I love Provo Health and have seen such a difference with my treatments, and supplements. It’s quality and Jaunique and Tristin really do care and put all their knowledge into making you feel better. ?J. G.
I have been going to Provo Health for years and have loved it! Juanique is an amazing massage therapist! I have learned so much from her and Cecilia and Tristin! Since having breast cancer I have been able to change my diet because of them and also receive treatments that have helped in my recovery. So grateful I have found them and their expertise to help keep me healthy!W. C.
We are so lucky to have Provo Health available to us. I have used the HOCATT and the Hyberbaric Chamber. I feel they have been an essential part of my healing journey with metastatic breast cancer. I have been able to maintain good health during treatment and amazed my oncologist. I will be using the HOCATT and Hyberbaric chamber for as long as I can. Tristen and Conrad are awesome and very willing to answer all my questions and concerns. Juanique is the best cheerleader available with tons of knowledge to help. Thank you for being there for me.L. D.
They were so helpful in getting me in right away and addressing my needs. They are very knowledgeable in so many areas.A. H.
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