This is the place where all of Juanique’s clients, past and current, can share something about their experience with her. If you would like to be a part of this page, simply leave a comment below. Accepted comments will be featured here. Thank you in advance to anyone that participates! Clients are the life-force of the business.

Steve A.
“I have been using massage therapy for over twenty five years to help fight the battle against stress and gravity. I have probably known at least 25 therapists very well along with hundreds casually over the years. In all my time and experience I have never known anyone quite like Juanique. The energy she exudes and the care she gives is beyond compare. Once you are a client you don’t quit her care unless the choice is out of your hands. There are many of us saddened by her departure from Colorado, but as they say, our loss is your gain Utah. Get in early and go often, your body will never quit thanking you. Thank you for your kindness, friendship and care. Mostly thank you for being who you are, a committed, caring healer Juanique. I am sure sorry our Tuesday sessions are a thing of the past.”

Beth C.
“I’ve never had a massage therapist that was as skilled or as kind as Juanique.”

Martha B.
“There is no one who can hold a candle to this beautiful young lady. I am so thankful she came into my life to help my body heal. She also has been a tremendous help to my inner being through her care, kindness, gentleness, grace, and love. I feel she is irreplaceable.”

Mark B.
“With out repeating what has already been said, I will say that Juanique is one of the best I have had work done by in a long time, best wishes for a successful continuation with massage therapy work in Utah. I intend to visit when ever I am in the area.”

Jack S.
“Juanique literally changed my life! I went from being in almost constant pain to nearly pain free in under 6 months! Not only is Juanique a wonderful massage therapist, but you can tell that she actually cares about you. I look forward to our weekly appointments more than just about anything else. Thanks, Juanique!”

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