Is Your Stress as Bad as Sugar?


It shouldn’t come as a shock to you that sugar causes more disease than any other substance on earth. From diabetes to cancer to heart attack and obesity, sugar is the cornerstone of many of these diseases. With that being said, many of my current clients and friends know, gut biome is  a HUGE deals […]

Overcoming Cancer

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Below is an interview with Karen B and Cecilia Salvesen ( who is my amazing mother and business partner) Cecilia is a nutritionist and amazing pathologist when it comes diseases within the body. 4 years ago Karen came to her a very sick lady. Doctors told her they had very little hope for her health […]

The Amazing Morning Meal

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Because I often lecture my clients on their diets, often times the question, “What do YOU eat” comes up. In my opinion (and according to science), breakfast is the most important meal of the day (Don’t skip it folks!!) Green smoothies are an AMAZING way to start your day! Not only are they DELISH but […]

The Science of Appetite

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This video is simple but true and worth the watch. But here’s something they don’t mention in the video: Eating protein will help with that “ghrelin switch”. Eat enough protein will help you feel full faster and your cravings for fats and sugars will go down 🙂 Happy eating!

Top 5 Herbs for Anti-Aging

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Source for this article can be found HERE *As a side note, if you’d like to be tested to see if your body needs any of these herbs, let me know during your next visit and I’ll be happy to test you The Top 5 Herbs for Anti-Aging Benefits Natural Health & Organic Living Blog […]

Back to School 2012 Special!

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You don’t have to be a student or the parent of a student to enjoy the benefits of this back-to-school season. Deals like this don’t come along very often, so get in while you can and enjoy up to a free hour of massage when you book at least a one-hour massage with Juanique. You […]

Massage as Medicine

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The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article about the medical benefits of massage. It is worth taking a few minutes to read the whole thing, but here are some highlights: A full-body massage boosted immune function and lowered heart rate and blood pressure in women with breast cancer undergoing radiation treatment, a 2009 study […]

How Massage Heals Sore Muscles

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The New York Times ran a great article on the biology of massage a couple of weeks ago. Check it out here. From the article: “They found that massage reduced the production of compounds called cytokines, which play a critical role in inflammation. Massage also stimulated mitochondria, the tiny powerhouses inside cells that convert glucose […]