*Please note that the prices and policies have changed slightly. See below for current prices.

Each treatment session is between 60 minutes hands on work! None of this 10-minutes-to-change thing.

Many prepaid, discounted packages are available and are designed to suit your individual needs. Massages will typically average between $50-$60 after your first massage session and health examination.

[tab title=”First Session”]
First time clients can expect the following during their first massage treatment:
[item icon=”asterisk”]Initial exam and review on health concerns[/item]
[item icon=”asterisk”]Body ailment assessment[/item]
[item icon=”asterisk”]Neurological, structural and musclar assessment and testing[/item]
[item icon=”asterisk”]Full one-hour Massage designed for your specific health concerns and imbalances[/item]
(total time of assessment and massage will be between 75-90 minutes.)

Total = $75             **Only $70 if paid in cash**[/tab]
[tab title=”Prepaid Packages”]
(Package pricing does not apply to first massage session):
[item icon=”asterisk”]5 one-hour massages – $50 each (Total savings: $50) Exp: 4 months from day of purchase[/item]
[item icon=”asterisk”]For only $25 more, make any massage 1 1/2 hours![/item]

Please also note that if you are tested for and you are given extra supplementation prior to your treatment, that charge may be added to your service.
[tab title=”Discounts”]Refer a friend and get $10 off the original $60/hr for your next massage .[/tab]


Specials are regularly changing, so be sure to check back often for the latest information.