What is Foot Compression Reflexology?

Really, though; what is foot compression? And what is reflexology? Great questions! They can be difficult to explain because most people have never even heard of foot compression reflexology here in the USA (and that’s because there are only a handful of people who practice it in the world, much less in the states). Your […]

Ozone Therapy and Pink Eye

Pink eye is no joke. And according to the Mayo Clinic, pink eye can last up to 2 or 3 weeks. My 5 year old contracted pink eye while we were on vacation with my brother’s family. He had it for 5 days before we got home from vacation and got him into the Ozone […]

Ozone Sauna and Workout Recovery

Can you feel the energy in the air? Now that it is finally warming up in Provo, I am getting excited for the next several months of sun, greenery, and being able to spend time outside without freezing to death. One of the side effects of warming weather is that a lot of people decide to get […]

Overcoming Cancer

Below is an interview with Karen B and Cecilia Salvesen, one of the owners of Provo Health. Cecilia is a nutritionist and amazing pathologist when it comes to diseases within the body. In 2008, Karen came to her a very sick lady. Doctors told her they had very little hope for her health in the […]

The Provo Health Lyme Protocol

Today I want to brag a little and then talk about one of our favorite things to do here at the clinic. The bragging part is in the image above↑ For those of you who don't have a magnifying glass on hand, here's what the text says: The client (who came to us with a [...]

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Used for inflammation in the Lung

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the new services we provide here at Provo Health Located inside The Natural Apothecary. 4 year old Tennyson had been coughing all of the night before with little reprieve. We put him in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber for some intensive lung healing with oxygen therapy to help decrease the […]

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Ozone Sauna

Foot Compression Reflexology

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